Meet Dr. James Thompson

James Thompson, DMD

Dentistry is a wonderful profession. As a general dentist, I am able to practice in all fields of the profession. Modern dental care can be as simple as a routine dental cleaning and perhaps treating a small cavity, or it can be to replace full dentures with implant-retained crowns and bridges. Because of all the options available to our patients, it is important for me to get to know them on a personal level, and listen to their concerns and desires in order to provide the optimal care possible for each patient. It is very exciting to be a part of that process.

I have a long family history of healthcare providers, and was taught at an early age that a fulfilling career is one that serves the needs of others. My father was a dentist, and I was able to practice with him for over ten years before he retired. It was a pleasure for me to grow up seeing how much he cared for his patients, and how much they appreciated and respected him in return. It’s what made me want to become a dentist over 27 years ago, and why I still enjoy coming into the office every day.

I am passionate about providing my patients with the very best care possible and finding ways to make that care affordable. I truly enjoy being a dentist.

Education and Continuing Education

I graduated from Washington University School of Dental Medicine in 1986 with my Doctorate of Dental Medicine.

Dentistry is an ever changing profession. New techniques and materials require that, to be a truly exceptional dentist, one needs continue with education over their professional lives to provide the very best care and option to their patients. I am constantly taking continuing education. In fact, I received my Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry for the amount of CE taken and am well on my way to receive my Mastership from the AGD.

Family and Community

I am a native of San Diego and have been proud to raise my family in this great community. My wife, Martha, and I have three children, James, Philip, and Natalie. To keep us company at home are our miniature dachshunds Miles and Katie. My time outside the office is spent reading, learning, playing golf, traveling, and being with my family.

I believe that it is important to be part of the local community. Martha and I have enjoyed working with the local public schools as our children grew, where ee were chaperones for the middle school and high school bands. I have also enjoyed working with the La Mesa Rotary Club where I have been a member for 26 years.

As an Associate Clinical Instructor at the UCSD School of Medicine, I work with undergraduates and recent graduates at UCSD, SDSU, and other colleges and universities who are seeking to become dentists. UCSD runs several free dental clinics in which the students operate the clinics, schedule patients, take X-rays, and act as dental assistants to licensed dentists. These clinics provide free dental care to those in need in San Diego. It also allows the students to explore the profession of dentistry, and gives me a chance to influence and educate the next generations of dentists.

Being involved with community programs and organizations improves the quality of life for those who live and work here. My involvement enriches my life by giving me the opportunity to meet others who wish to serve, and who need the services offered. It keeps me centered on the fact that we are all here to enjoy life and to serve others.